Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko will make a working visit to Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil regions on July 17-19, according to the official Web site of the head of state.

On Friday, July 17, the president is planning to hold a roundtable with editors-in-chief of media from Volyn, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Rivne, Khmelnytsky, Chernivtsi, Lviv and Zakarpattia regions.

On Saturday, July 18, Yushchenko will make his annual ascent on Ukraine’s tallest peak, Hoverla, in the Carpathian Mountains.

On Sunday, July 19, the president will participate in a Ukrainian pilgrimage to Zarvanytsia in Ternopil region - the largest pilgrim center of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC). Around 100,000 pilgrims are expected to arrive in Zarvanytsia.
Source: Kyiv Post

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