Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko is confident that a mechanism of paying for Russian gas set from this year gives Ukraine a real independence, she told the grant meeting on the occasion of the Batkivschyna Party's10th anniversary in Kyiv, UKRINFORM reports.

"Everybody has forgotten today what is crisis and chaos. We removed all corruption, all shadow, all exorbitant randomness and unpredictability of gas market," the Ukrainian Premier noted.

"Every month everyone from Ukrainian officials to Europe says that Ukraine is just about to fail to pay for gas, three days remain and NJSC [Naftogaz of Ukraine - UKRINFORM] will go bankrupt. Let not they be happy! As far as I am a Premier, as far as our team in the office, Ukraine will be paying to the day. Since this is our independence, independence of the country and our future," Tymoshenko claimed.

She stressed that starting from 2004, BYuT, being in opposition, has prevented privatization of the national gas transit system of Ukraine. "We stopped this process. We prevented removal of the greatest treasury from Ukraine. Our law once for all fixed the gas transit system in state ownership. We removed all mediators. Direct contracts hold out hope that we will be working successfully," the Premier said.

According to the gas contract between Russia's Gazprom and Ukraine's Naftogaz dated January 19, 2009, Naftogaz should pay for Russian gas by the seventh day of the month following the supply month. Otherwise, Naftogaz will have to make payments for gas in advance.


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