The excessive liking of Ukrainians for purchase of expensive goods with low level of labor productivity leads to the regular dissatisfaction with life, director of Demography and social research institute of the National Sciences Academy of Ukraine Ella Lybanova claimed in an interview with Zerkalo nedeli, MIGnews reported.

“We have become excellent consumers”, sociologist says. “As a result, Ukraine is at the bottom in the list of gross domestic product per head and at the same time is among leaders of selling of expensive cars. People are demonstrating an incredible demand for appliances, expensive dwelling”, she explains.

“Somebody has flogged into Ukrainians that both in Western Europe in Russia people are living better than we. This divergence of high standards and own possibilities is generating dissatisfaction”, sociologist explains.

Ordinary Ukrainian would like to provide himself with the level of consumption meeting the standards of Western democracy and shift the greater part of problems on the state, UNIAN is citing Ella Lybanova as saying.

“He wants to go to Europe, watch Hollywood movies, read Western literature, have no censorship, and at the same time he wants the state to provide him with high level of life. One third of Ukrainians think so”, sociologist states.


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