The leader of the Front For Change initiative, MP Arseniy Yatseniuk, has said that Ukraine should replace expensive Russian gas with cheap, domestically produced electricity to the maximum possible extent, Kyiv Post reported.

"We can propose nothing but cheap electricity. Today, it is the only way out. This is what they are doing in France - French nuclear power plants are ensuring the energy security of France. This can be done in Ukraine, and we will have a clear choice. Why should rural citizens need expensive gas, if the state can provide them with cheap electricity," the Front For Change press service quoted Yatseniuk as saying.

While speaking about ways to ensure the energy independence of Ukraine, Yatseniuk said: "We should understand that when the oil price is growing, alternative energy sources should be more actively used. But the lower the oil price is, the more [economic] are the so-called conventional energy sources. [But] I still believe that expensive gas should be replaced with cheap Ukrainian electricity," the politician said.


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