Today the Ukrainian parliament is similar to the «beautiful and smart» monkey, which cant define what it to be. MPs intend to show their big desire to work, but at the same time it is time to go to Maldives - summer trip of the majority of our MPs.

According to the political, head of sociological service «Ukrainian Barometer» Victor Nebozhenko, Ukrainian parliamentarians know that they need to imitate their work, not to quarrel, and leave Kyiv for Canaries, and meet there as best friends in expensive restaurants, as if nothing had happened. He told ForUm in an interview about this and some other issues.

- Victor Nebozhenko, current week is last plenary week before recess of MPs. In your opinion, will parliament work constructively during this time?
- In fact parliamentarians clearly know what they want to imitate the work, and any productive work would be seen as counterproductive by each political force. Therefore, in order not to quarrel, and leave Kyiv for Canaries, and there to meet, as nothing had happened, representatives of different political forces need to leave for summer break with the usual “satisfactory marks” for their work. So I think the major revolutionary changes for this week will not happen.

- What about government staff appointments?
- Some staff issues will be solved.
In addition, MPs will imitate their love for democracy and independence. It is possible that they even “very carefully” put the question on immunity cancelation for consideration. But they will do it in such a way that their immunity would not suffer from it.

- But PR is still threatening to block the work of the parliament...
- They do so, because the election campaign has already begun, and they should show their love to the people.

- Can the PR block the parliament’s work until January 17?
- No. because businesses need constantly «track» to the Cabinet. PR system is a solid business, they all need constant contact with various levels of executive power. How can they block the work totally?

- Will MPs manage this week to change the law on election of the President?
- I think, yes. This is very serious issue as for PR, as well as for BYuT – the most powerful factions. They try to create such conditions in order to have less conflict, and that third forces do not take an active part in the «race»...


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