President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko stated that after Ukraine joins NATO, the supporter of which he is, there will be no foreign military bases and other military objects on the territory of Ukraine and the territory of Ukraine will not be used against Russia.

“Ukraine guarantees that there will be no foreign soldier – any bloc of any country. The Constitution of Ukraine, Law on basis on the security of Ukraine forecast it,” President said that on Sunday - on Day of Ukrainian sea fleet celebration, in Sevastopol at the press conference .

“Nuclear potential will be never placed in Ukraine. We guarantee it. Ukrainian territory will never be used against Russia. We will never locate objects on our territory which will threaten Russia,” Yushchenko said, adding that he would like Russia to stop considering issue on Ukraine’s joining NATO as some step against Russia.

Speaking about Russian Fleet, President said that it should leave Sevastopol in 2017. There is enough time for this.


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