The Naftohaz Ukrainy national joint stock company refutes information about another natural gas importer to Ukraine, the company’s press service told Ukrainian News.

Naftohaz Ukrainy declares it is the sole authorized supplier of Russian Gazprom’s national gas to Ukrainian consumers under the memorandum on cooperation in the gas industry the prime ministers of Ukraine and Russia signed on October 3, 2008.

The memorandum and Cabinet of Ministers’ resolution No 1729 of December 27, 2001 on providing consumers with natural gas serve as basis for drawing up foreign economic contracts on gas supplies, the statement said.

Today the two countries do not have any disputes over keeping gas balance.

"Any gas imports beyond the mentioned memorandum and the resolution can complicate execution of the contracts Ukraine and Russia concluded," the statement said.

Naftohaz Ukrainy and Gazprom sign acts on transferring and delivering gas to Ukrainian consumers every month, and Naftohaz Ukrainy has not received any complaints from the Russian partners on this matter since the beginning of the year, according to the statement.

The Promhaz Ukrainy company is reported to have imported Russian gas to Ukraine since May 2009.

As Ukrainian News reported, Naftohaz Ukrainy is Ukraine’s sole importer of natural gas.


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