On June 27, "Krayina Mriy” ( Country of dreams) - the large ethnographic festival of theUkrainian folk art took place on the ancient Kyiv's hills. Master-classes were conducted on the different types of age-old folk art. The ancient Ukrainian, cossack single combats were demonstrated. The Ukrainian folk music bands as well as from Lithuania and Norway were performed at the festival.
The leader of group "VV" Oleg Skrypka the known Ukrainian singer is organizer and initiator of this festival. Despite the festival was held only for one day (usually it is two-day holiday) thousands of Kyiv residents and guests from other oblasts and counties visited it. As usuall the atmosphere of the festival was full of Ukrainian spirit, culture and traditions. It is a nice opportunity for young generation to learn about our traditions, art and history, the ForUm's correspondent informs.
Photos: Unian, Deineko.com.ua

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