Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has said that she will definitely participate in upcoming presidential elections, and has no doubt about her victory.

She said at a press conference in Lviv on Thursday that she would run for president to realize the ideals of the Orange Revolution of 2004. "After four-and-a-half years, I want to finally realize the ideals of the orange Maidan [Independence Square in downtown Kyiv where protests were held in 2004]. I'm trying to realize them despite colossal resistance," she said, according to UkrInform.

Tymoshenko said that earlier, she was not planning to run for president, and insisted that her team unite with the presidential team. She said that if there were a systemic work, she would have supported incumbent President Viktor Yushchenko for a second term. "But in recent months and last year, I did not see any desire by the president [to improve the team work with the premier]. And now, the president does not have any chance to win [presidential elections]," she said.

The parliament set January 17, 2010 as the presidential election date.


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