Experts recommend Ukrainians willing to keep their money to pay attention to the gold, the Delo newspaper reports, according to MIGnews.

Deputy chairman of the board at Finance and Credit bank Ihor Lvov says precious metal is a smooth water for investors in a crisis. According to the banker, the gold has been risen in price, and price rise for metal will continue to the end of the year. The price for metal is planned to rise up to US $1,000 from current US $920-925 for troy ounce (31,1 grams). It is by 10-15 percents more than in 2008.

The main reason of rise in price, according to the expert, is a growth of global economy. If dollar and euro become weaker, gold will be the so-called refuge. According to the banker, the number of gold bullions sale has not been recurred in comparison with 2008. The bullions with a weight of 50 grams were popular in demand.

Nearly 80 percents of gold, which is being purchased by people, are placed on deposits later. The terms of attraction of metal deposits have not been changed recently.

Taking into consideration the cost of bank metals, it is one of the most profitable deposits for people, Ihor Lvov claims.


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