On June 24, 2009 a meeting of deputy head of State Tax Administration of Ukraine Serhii Lekar, heads of departments of STA of Ukraine with representatives of International Monetary Fund’s mission, operating in the STA of Ukraine through June 24-25, took place, government portal reported.

The main aim of the IMF visit is clearing up problem moments of tax area of Ukraine, ensuring of flows of funds to the budget under conditions of the global financial turmoil and rendering technical assistance in solving problem issues.

“For us it is important to immediately take all measures in order to mitigate impact of the world financial crisis on Ukraine’s economy so experience exchange will be very useful. We are keen on the ways taken by other world countries and results achieved in curbing the fallouts in economics,” the deputy head of STA of Ukraine Serhii Lekar explained.

According to Serhii Lekar, a complex approach to solving the problem issues, in particular – enlargement of taxation base, improvement of administration, simplifying of procedures, providing qualitative services to tax payers can create favourable conditions for businesses and ensure complete payments of taxes. “We have to be partners with business as only joining our efforts we can overcome the crisis,” the deputy STA head opined.

The meeting dealt with the state of State Budget’s earnings received from taxes and dues, measures of strengthening tax discipline and improvement of administration of taxes, analysis of problems emerging in the area of tax payments.

Representatives of IMF mission were interested with initiatives of STA of Ukraine concerning improvement of tax legislation, administration of huge tax payers, simplified taxation system, aspects of administration of value added tax etc.


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