I heartily congratulate Volodymyr Klichko, who defended IBF, IBO, WBO heavyweight titles, on a recurrent bright victory. This night it was proved again Ukraine has no rivals on the world boxing ring. It is the strongest! And it is great! I’m glad for you, Volodya, I am your devoted supporter and I am proud of you success.
I well remember, ten-fifteen years ago, when any of our compatriot being abroad confessed he was from Ukraine, the only thing the foreigners could remember was Chornobyl… Nowadays, when hearing Ukraine, they say with delight: KLICHKO!!! You, Volodymyr, together with your brother are creating in deed a glorious image of Ukraine all around the world.
Some ill-wishers say today Klichko brothers have made the world boxing tedious and predictable.
They say all the intrigues are limited to a round in which an opponent falls. But it is good! As it is “a boredom” of an inevitable victory, it is a destiny to triumph. God bless Ukraine, so that in other areas and branches it could become so “tedious and predictable”…
Congratulate you on the victory! Only forward! Ukraine is strong!
Yulia Tymoshenko

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