When you listen to our politicians sometimes, then it seems that Ukraine does not have crisis, but continuous like in paradise with the elements of small inconveniences. These inconveniences are called usual "trifles". Russia with a permanent persistence threatens to stop gas supplies for non-payment, international experts frighten with collapse , and business makes all efforts in order not to die. However, according to MP from OU-PSD faction Ksenia Lyapina, to our business should be praised, as it has so great vitality.

Economist and member of the VR Committee on Entrepreneurship Ksenia Lyapina told ForUm’s correspondent in an interview about the heroism of Ukrainian businessmen, about the truth in Ukrainian politics, about what will happen to the "green" currency.

- Ksenia Lyapina, recently Yulia Tymoshenko has stated on improving of the economic situation. According to her, hryvnya is stabilized and no collapse will happen in Ukraine . Is it all so good?

- Of course, not everything is so good. We see some positive points which are related to the slowdown of the economy decline. But the Government has nothing to do with this. The Cabinet did not do anything for this. This is a result of what is happening in the global world market. The slowdown of the economy decline in developed countries causes some improvement in the Ukrainian export-oriented sectors.

- Prime Minister assured that there will be no default in Ukraine ...

- When Yulia Tymoshenko said that there would be no sovereign default Ukraine, she is absolutely right, but it is not the whole truth. Sovereign default has never threatened Ukraine. Our debt since 2005 has been recovered, and our foreign debt is not so big. But Tymoshenko fails to mention that if «Naftogaz», which is an independent company, does not fulfill its obligations, Ukraine will be necessary to pay debts to Russia by means of its gas transport system. This is a real threat.

- How should Ukraine pay for gas, in order not to repeat the gas scandal?

- Ukraine will once again borrow money or make the next issue of money. But this is the way to nowhere. Nest month Ukraine paid debt to Gazprom due to emission. This month, perhaps we will pay by means of increase of foreign debt. But it is not a solution. And it will not be until the population pays less than the gas cost. With all my compassion to the people I can say that this is the cheese, which is only a mouse trap. Now Ukraine is once again turned to be a mouse trap of the Russian gas. The only solution – to establish adequate energy prices.

- What will happen with dollar rate?

- Now dollar rate is stabilized and it is good. But we still have foreign and demostic risk which can influence the currency fluctuation in Ukraine.

- In what currency should people save their money?

- It is very risky to save money only in dollars. Euro seems today more stable, however there are risks here too. If people have some savings they should keep them in several currencies.

- Does Ukraine expect economy shocks this summer?

- I want to believe there will be no shocks. But in September some changes can be observed due to business stirring up

- What economic advices can you give our readers?

- Practical advice is simple. It is necessary to be more economical to your own budget, to make a better plan, to have some savings, not to live from the salary to the salary. And do not be afraid to buy. When you are buying something, especially of the domestic manufacturers, you support the economy.


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