After 2017 Black Sea Fleet of Russian Federation may stay in Sevastopil. Kyiv is ready to negotiate on it in the case if it is profitable for Ukraine. A co-chairman of investor council at Cabinet of Ministers Sergey Tyhypko claimed that in an interview with Ukrainskaya Pravda, according to MigNews.

“The time will come, we will negotiate on it”, Tyhypko said. “But we are to get real price for it and be pragmatic. We are too emotional now”.

“If it is prohibited by Constitution, and nobody does not make any changes towards 2017, Black Sea Fleet of Russian Federation will not stay in Crimea. But if MPs make a decision to change this norm of Constitution, and the country have an economic profit not depending on our independence, it is possible”, Sergey Tyhypko added.

According to him, “some inferiority complex has been developed in our souls towards Russia”. “Any mentioning about Russia leads to attack of nerves. As for me, I think Ukraine’s interests exist in Russia”, he underlined.

At the same time, speaking about the NATO, Sergey Tyhypko claimed “there is no sense to speak about Ukraine’s entry to the NATO. We have missed this opportunity. However, we should obviously think over building of a new collective security system”.

According to the Big naval agreement made by Ukraine and Russia on May 28 1997, Black Sea Fleet of Russian Federation may stay in Crimea till 2017. In turn, Russia would like to prolong the lease term. However, Ukraine’s authority rejected such possibility. According to Kyiv, the lease rent for residence of Russian Fleet in Crimea is too little – Russia is paying US $98 mn per year.

In connection with that President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko established a work-group to consider a possibility of using infrastructure of Sevastopil bay for non-military purposes after 2012.

 Sergey Tyhypko has made a serious statement today: he leaves the posts of Premier’s advisor and cochairman of investors’ council at Cabinet of Minister. He does it for the sake of participation in the presidential campaign.


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