The President of the RF Dmitriy Medvedev will appoint a new Russian Ambassador to Ukraine a diplomat but not a politician. The head of the National Geopolicy center Aleksey Mitrofanov said in Moscow, ForUm informs.

“I think it will be a professional Foreign Ministry ambassador,” he said. He also does not exclude that deputy head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Grigoriy Karasin may be appointed for this position.

According to him, in such a way Russia will demonstrate equal remoteness from all Ukrainian political forces. A new ambassador will not be involved in depth of Ukrainian problems and will not fulfill delicate missions. It will allow two countries to hold diplomatic dialogue.

At the same time he said that dismissal of Viktor Chernomyrdin six month before the elections means that he does not fulfilled those tasks he was set, especially in the recent time.

Mitrofanov considers that fail of negotiations between PR and BYuT on coalition formation also played some role. Here in Russia some circles relied onr this coalition.

As a reminder, Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Viktor Chernomyrdin was dismissed on June 11.


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