Making a speech in the Verkhovna Rada on Wednesday, Member of Parliament, the Party of Regions parliamentary faction Deputy Head, Minister of Industry and Enterprise of the Opposition government Anatoliy Kinakh marked:

- It is obvious that the Ukrainian people, economy, state are becoming hostages to ever greater extent of not only disgraceful confrontation among the authorities, their hazardous actions and irresponsibility. Today the state, in fact, is under a dirty roof of cynicism, lies, distortion of facts about the real social and economic situation in this state.

Ukraine is by far the only state on the European continent, which still does not have a ratified national anti-crisis program – the program of common actions of the government, National Bank and, where necessary, parliament. In fact, today we see once again how parliament’s lack of the submitted draft on alterations to the 2009 state budget, specification of the currency and monetary policy proves the authorities’ incompetence and irresponsibility. It is aggravating the crisis in this state.

In this light we are faced with unprecedented sharpening of legal nihilism, multilevel corruption and almost totally failed human resources policy, which pursues “ours-not ours” principle, a fierce fight for the posts or access to resource. It matters much today that the government forbade the publication of actual data of national social and economic growth. It practically leaves no possibility of drawing up a strategy of anti-crisis measures, as well as lowers steeply the level of trust to Ukraine of both investors and partners.

Ukraine is the only state on the European continent and among the CIS countries, which has not provided data on the dynamics of gross domestic product. The independent experts say its drop rate over 1Q 2009 was at least 21%. It is an unprecedented fall with no analogues in the world economies. We see the same situation with the information about the State Treasury Accounts. There is a direct prohibition of publishing data by the entities without the State Treasury’s concurrence...

This lie, this unprecedented cynicism should be stopped, otherwise we will see further sharp worsening and decline in the citizens’ living standard, impoverishment of all Ukrainian people. We demand a report by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine at this session on real social and economic situation in the state premised on a rigid unpoliticized ground, as well as the immediate approval of the Anti-crisis program along with the alterations to the 2009 budget.

The Party of Regions Press Service


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