The Prime Minister of Ukraine will prolong activity into joining of all the political forces to fight against fallouts of the global financial crunch. The Head of Government announced to a media conference on Tuesday, according to government portal.

“The fact that unity of all the political forces for the sake of protection of the country from crisis has failed is bad but I won’t cease my work so that sooner or later it would happen,” Yulia Tymoshenko explained.

According to the Premier, joining of the political forces was impeded by fear to take responsibility: “The fear of top officials to assume responsibility for the crisis, for weathering it, a responsibility to take unpopular decisions during the crisis”. The Head of Government underlined for such pols it is insignificant what will be with the country, as they have taken decisions to fight for their own ratings.

“So, they have heaped everything onto my shoulders. Never mind! Unlike all those politicians I feel no fear,” Yulia Tymoshenko said. She added despite any obstacles the crisis will be curbed: pensions, salaries will be paid timely and completely while the economic situation will be stable. “Regardless of wishes of the President the country will be maintaining economic, financial, energy stableness,” the PM added.


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