The National Security and Defense Council has pointed to the necessity to diversify the sources of gas supplies to Ukraine, first deputy secretary of the NSDC Stepan Havrysh said at a briefing after the meeting of the council, according to Ukrainian News.

In particular, the NSDC calls for the adjustment of gas supplies from Caspian and Middle Asian countries, participation in the projects on development of gas deposits on the territories of African and Middle East countries, and also the delivering of liquefied gas from the African and Middle East countries.

Thus, the NSDC recommends that President Viktor Yuschenko urge the Cabinet of Ministers to elaborate the program on the construction of a terminal for reception of the liquefied gas and create own production or acquire gas tankers.

The government will also be proposed to liquidate the system of cross-subsidization of certain categories of gas consumers with the simultaneous introduction of the mechanism of address monetary aid to the low-income population.

The NSDC also calls for the elaboration and endorsement of the plan of urgent measures to implement the Brussels’ agreements on the modernization of the Ukrainian gas transport system.



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