In the view of the fact that recently certain officials have activated talks on expediency of introduction of exactions from students of Ukrainian educational establishments, in the capacity of Prime Minister of Ukraine, the Head of Government, I wish to put an end to these discussions, goverbnment portal reported.

I will never afford anyone to take money from Ukrainian students in our country. None will obtain the right for legal racket in Ukrainian higher educational institutions, under no conditions or reasons (no matter how noble the motives seem).

At its nearest session the Government will take an imperative decision called to cease any talks concerning expediency of additional financial takings from students.

I consider this question settled here.

Nowadays education in Ukraine can hardly be considered cheap. And none has any moral rights to tighten a noose around necks of Ukrainian students who barely make both ends meet.

I strictly demand from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to immediately approve all necessary decisions to prevent any financial takings in Ukrainian educational institutions. There shouldn’t be any conferences, seminars or roundtables in this issue, we should approve the decision to avoid earning from students, which is illegal and immoral in its nature.


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