Near 250 employees of private coal-mining companies are demanding outside the Verkhovna Rada building to ensure sales of coal extracted by their enterprises, according to Ukrainian News.

The picket encircles the fencing in front of the central entrance to the parliament house.

They are carrying their enterprises' flags and banners with calls: "Ukrainian Coal To Ukraine", "Tymoshenko! Buy Coal From Miners! Give Chance Receive What We Earned!"

Miners are knocking with helmets at the fencing surrounding the parliament house.

Any parliamentary deputy still has not come out to the picket to listen to their demands.

The protesters are also chanting "Respect Miners' Labour!"

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, about 400 miners from private coal-mining companies on June 2 were demanding outside the Cabinet of Ministers building to ensure sales of products delivered by private mines.

The Council of the Coal Wholesale Market at its meeting on June 1 denied private coal companies allocation of quotas to sell their coal through the state company Coal of Ukraine.

The Council was forced to take this decision for the current problems with the sale of coal produced at state-owned coalmines.

The Coal of Ukraine public company is the operator of the Coal Wholesale Market. It sells coal produced by coal companies run by the Ministry of Coal Industry.


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