The Security Service of Ukraine is asking the Federal Security Service of Russia to provide documents kept at the archives of Russian special services and help Ukraine investigate the criminal proceedings launched on charges of arranging the Great Famine (Holodomor) in 1932 - 1933, Kyiv Post reported, referring to the securities' press service.

According to Ukrainian securities chief Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, Russia's assistance will be extremely important for an objective inquiry and further announcement of charges in court.

On top he noted that the proceedings had been instituted to establish the truth, and name those who organized and conducted the genocide.

The securities chief ruled out a possible influence on the investigation by the political forces denying the fact of genocide.

"The case being inquired is criminal rather than political. Thousands of ordinary people's evidences, the documents give grounds for confidence that the investigation of this criminal case will be completed without interference of political forces," he said.

The securities chief says the investigation is unavoidable.

As Ukrainian News reported, Nalyvaichenko is sure of court perspectives of the proceedings into the genocide of the Ukrainian people.

He voiced hope that Russia's law-enforcement bodies would support the Ukrainian inquiry.

The security service launched the proceedings on May 25.


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