The President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko considers that Ukraine too early uses new model of political system that led to “one-two political figures form policy of the country today on the basis of improvisations and manipulations. He said that in an interview to “Independent newspaper”, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

As a result, the society is politically not structured, the parties – decorative, leadership – is the main feature of party system.

“There is a government – but there is no activity program, there is no majority in the parliament which would be responsible for this government. The parliament does not work effectively,” Yushchenko said.

According to Yushchenko, if “inconvenient” ministers to dismiss from the government then one can say about power usurpation.

“Situation in the country is modeled by Prime Minister in accordance with values, tastes, opinion, mistakes of one person. This is not a problem of a person but a problem of te system,” he said.


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