Today Ukraine should concentrate on its internal problems. One of the participants of V Economic Forum “Europe – Russia”, the head of the Romanian committee Ukraine-EU Adrian Severin told in an interview to ForUm.

“It was a moment when everybody thought that Ukraine is collapsing. Certainly Ukraine is not in excellent shape but Ukraine is not in collapse. There are many challenges which should be addressed on the basis of geopolitical place of Ukraine,” he said.

Speaking about terms when Ukraine can become the EU member, Severin said that he does not like any prognoses as they can give hope with may be unrealistic. At that he noted that it is necessary to work consistently and Ukraine will have European future.

Commenting on political situation in Ukraine, he said that Ukraine is not the only country which looks outside the country either for allies or to discourage unfriendly nations. But Ukraine should realize that it has strong allies and neighbours and should concentrate more on internal problems.

According to him, until Ukraine does not make reforms, overcome permanent political controversies, until it does not gather all main political forces for the nation, the day, Ukraine can become the EU member, is far.


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