“I. Bogoslovska’s decision to quit the PoR and nominate herself for the Ukrainian presidency did not come as a surprise for the party. Recently Inna Bogoslovska expressed many of such ideas. It is her right and she exercised it being a member of the party, where real rather than ostensible democracy reins", Viktor Yanukovych said yesterday.

- It is the other case why she did this now, when the PoR has to rally all its forces to weather the crisis. The goals put by Bogoslovska in her statement fully coincide with the Party of Regions program. A decision to leave the Party of Regions is obviously driven by other reasons. For example, by an attempt to act more radically, as Inna Bogoslovska repeatedly called our political force for.

In this view we would like to reiterate once again that the most important thing for the Party of Regions is to get the country out of crisis as soon as possible. But not to use the upcoming presidential elections for launching loud propaganda campaigns. The party has constantly repeated and is ready to do it again that at the time difficult for the state it cares primarily about the economic growth and improvement of the people’s life, rather than about high posts. This, rather than satisfaction of some politicians’ ambitions, is the role of the Party of Regions as a mouthpiece of millions of our fellow citizens’ will, - the Party of Regions Leader noted.

Source: Party of Regions press service


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