MPs have almost decided on the date of presidential elections. Apparently, the Ukrainians to come to the polling stations immediately after Christmas holidays. Now the main political players do not hide their ambitions and clearly say about their intention to fight for the president's post. Experts believe Ukraine still waits for hot pre-election autumn, but now you can enjoy a relatively calm political days.
MP from the BYuT Andriy Shkil told ForUm in an interview about coming presidential elections and some more issues.

- The leaders of the factions had agreed to appoint a presidential election on 17 January. From a legal point of view is it the best option?
- This is the best option from a political point of view. I continue to disagree with the fact that such date is legally justified. But where there is a policy, there is a law. If this date is voted in Parliament, then it will not be reviewed. Elections will be held in January.

- In this case, when the elections in local councils are held?
- They will take place within the statutory period. According to the law, the deputies of local councils should be elected for a five-year cadence. So next elections to local councils will be held in a year and a half, nor a moment later.

- What can you say about the appointment of Vira Ulyanchenko? This is the beginning of a new era or a slow sunset of political star of the President?
- Of course, Vira Ulyanchenko will play a role of a guarantor of next calm activity of Yushchenko. She will cover his leave. I think Vira Ulyanchenko will manage with this deal. Referring to rumors that the Secretariat and BYUT soon will agree and reconcile, then I do not know. Time will show. Anyway, the fight will stop, and it is good.

- Speaking about fighting, Tymoshenko asks to dismiss Yekhanurov. Is a war against heads of Ministers being started?
- Now there is a resolution on dismissal of the Defence Minister in the Verkhovna Rada. But to dismiss him or not - it is only the prerogative of the President. Viktor Yushchenko has heard the request of Prime Minister. Also we have heard him answer of the President that there will be no resignation. The Verkhovna Rada has no choice but to vote for distrust to the Defence Minister.
- Date of Presidential election is almost set, and we can talk about the nature of the election campaign. What will it be?
- This election campaign will be much calmer than we expected. But this does not mean that it will not be rigid. But I would not expect any big surprises.


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