The Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko intends to send a letter to the President of Ukraine with a request to dismiss the Defence Minister from office in connection with revealed large-scale cases of corruption in the supervised body. The Prime Minister of Ukraine announced during the Government’s sitting today, government portal reported.

“I have studied all the documents, all the evidences and can confirm an unprecedented corruption use of budget funds took place. That’s why I will send a letter to the President of Ukraine with a request, as it is envisaged by the Constitution of Ukraine, to submit a proposition to the Verkhovna Rada to dismiss the Defence Minister,” the Head of Government stressed.

Yulia Tymoshenko emphasized, a respective letter will be directed to the people’s deputies either: “I don’t want to have corruption within the Government”. The Premier added implementation of expenses of budgets of all without exception ministries will undergo an analysis.

Yulia Tymoshenko explained Control Revision Department together with Government’s commissioner for corruption in the process of checks of budget expenses of the Defence Ministry had revealed clear facts of corruption about which they reported to the Government’s session today. According to her, in particular, it was found out, roofed by high-ranking officials of the Ministry, certain commercial structures supplied with overpriced foodstuffs military units – by 20-50% more. The Premier drew attention to a letter of a militaryman of District guardian mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who informed about a scheme of discrediting of one food supplier to be replaced with another. “For the right to supply army with foodstuffs at advanced price there goes a battle. And there was no corresponding reaction on the part of top persons of the Defence Ministry. I will never indulge that,” Yulia Tymoshenko announced.

The Head of Government underlined abuses and violation of legislation are being observed also on the level of purchase of fuel and lubricating materials where overpricing comes to 50%.

Besides, according to her, peculiar cynicism was shown by officials of the ministry in machinations with land. The Prime Minister stressed any actions with land plots of the Defence Ministry can be performed only according to Governmental decisions but this norm has been ignored completely.

The Premier underlined respective documents on the results of checks will be directed to General Prosecutor and to the Ministry of Interior also, where a special investigation group is to be set up. Yulia Tymoshenko also stressed the MIA has to send to court the protocols on corruption after investigation completed.

The Head of Government emphasized she would also send all the materials to the profile Verkhovna Rada Committee and address the VR Speaker and people’s deputies with a request to create an ad-hoc investigation commission which in parallel with coersive structures will study every fact: “I will not afford a copeck to be lost in the Defence Ministry”.

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