The Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko announces owing to the well-coordinated work of all power branches the crisis is slackening in Ukraine. The Head of Government informed on opening a Governmental session today, government portal reported.

The Premier stressed a sign of national economy invigorating appears also the fact April, firstly from the crisis onset, demonstrated cessation of flow-out and returning of deposits by citizens into the banking system of Ukraine, the amounts of which have grown over UAH 1 billion during this period. Moreover, according to the Head of Government, a positive feature is steadfast strengthening of the national currency and slump of dollar rate which proved possible after obtaining the second tranche of a loan of the International Monetary Fund and directing these resources into gold and foreign currency reserves of Ukraine and into the state budget.

The Head of Government emphasized one more showing demonstrating the crisis is slowing down is extra USD 1 billion in foreign investments into Ukraine.

So, according to Yulia Tymoshenko, in April, firstly over the current year, drop of unemployed in Ukraine has been fixed, by almost 100 thousands: from 924 thousand of registered unemployed in the Employment Fund as of March 1 of 2009 to 827 thousands of non-engaged citizens as of May 1. “It means workplaces start being restored and these are faint signs the crisis is abating little by little, so we stand a good chance of stabilization,” the PM stressed.

Yulia Tymoshenko imparted despite certain problems in agro-industrial complex, notably with crediting agrarians, output of agricultural production has upped by 55% over the first quarter of 2009 against the analogous period of last year: “Over the first quarter of 2009, after ruining impacts on all economic sectors in the end of last year, the agrarian complex is successfully developing”.

“All these are positive tendencies becoming system already. They are not incidentals but the whole list of positive things which, I am convinced, are results of the anti-crisis program pursued by all power branches within the country: by the Government, Verkhovna Rada, where a whole series of bail-out laws have been approved, the National Bank and joint programs between Ukraine and the IMF,” Yulia Tymoshenko urged.


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