Yuri Lutsenko’s son Alexander applied to the Land Court of Berlin. He claimed the Bild newspaper had published information he was throwing a mobile phone into policemen. According to the results of blood alcohol test, he had 3 per mille. Alexander states information is wrong, the Kommersant-Ukraian newspaper reports. According to the newspaper, Alexander Lutsenko asks the court to oblige the Bild disclaiming information and remove the article from the Bild website.

Yesterday the People’s Self-Defense press service published an official document confirming prosecutor’s office at the land court of Frankfurt am Main refuted dismissed investigation against the head of the Interior Ministry Yuri Lutsenko. According to the Interior Minister’s lawyer, prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt am Main suspended preliminary investigation against the son of the Interior Minister Alexander Lutsenko.

Kommersant-Ukraina got a copy of application on security for claim sent by Alexander Lutsenko to the Land Court of Berlin. “You are writing about the incident at the airport of Frankfurt am Main. Lufthansa prohibited my father and me to continue the flight with reserved seats to South Korea. You are reporting as follows: “When policemen arrived at Gate C 15, Ukrainians were throwing mobile phones’. I was not throwing my mobile phone”.

“Then you are writing about me: “At the police station No.19 he was obliged to pass a blood alcohol test. According to the results, he had at least 3 per mille in his blood”. It is a lie”, the Interior Minister’s son states. “Below is the lawyer’s explanation – “blood alcohol test had not been made. That is why there were no results amounting to 3 per mille”. The plaintiff had no concentration of alcohol in the blood because he did not drink alcohol. The plaintiff was not drunk”, Alexander Lutsenko’s lawyer states.

The first hearing is presupposed to be already today in the court of Berlin. Reporters failed to get an official commentary of the Bild newspaper.

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