Former Chief of the President's Staff Viktor Baloha explains his resignation with dissent from President Viktor Yuschenko's decision to run for president for the second term, the press service of the United Centre party has informed, referring to Baloha's resignation notice.

According to the statement, on May 12 Baloha submitted to Yuschenko an official resignation from the position of the Presidential Secretariat's Chief and gave reasons for his decision.

"I'm convinced you have no moral right to ballot. At least, I'm no companion to you in this matter," the press service cites the notice text.

Baloha thinks that Yuschenko, while heading the state, failed to fulfill the pledges give to voters.

The second reason for the resignation he called the immediate surrounding of the President who by his will came to power and occupied high public posts.

The ex-Chief of Staff believes that Yuschenko in many personnel appointments was guided not by the specialist qualities but by family and friendly relations.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Yuschenko has dismissed Baloha on May 19.

Baloha is member of the United Centre party.


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