The alterations to the Constitution, which will tame the confrontation among the branches of power, extend the regions’ plenary powers, amplify the authorities’ independence, reform the judicial system, broaden the local governments’ plenary powers, are badly needed by Ukraine,” the leader of the Party of Regions Viktor Yanukovych said, the Party of Regions press service reported.

”We have been waging a political fight for such alterations to the Constitution for ages, which would enable to raise the efficiency of public administration, efficiency of the authorities’ work. This efficiency is much needed for the economic growth as a foundation for the people’s well-being. And if to attain such efficiency it is necessary for the political forces to unite, the Party of Regions is ready for the sake of such an important purpose to yield its party ambitions and help building a mighty state. To this end we have the experience and high-skilled responsible experts.

I have always consistently and emphatically argued for the necessity of such constitutional changes. Moreover, we have done much for their elaboration and we will press for their insertion into the Constitution’s text of our state.

Yet I resolutely cast away once again any speculations on the possibility of holding Ukrainian president’s elections in parliament. I point out once again that I am for the all-national elections of a national Leader.

The Ukrainians should elect a national Leader by direct and general ballot.

I will only run for national elections of president. It is my resolute position,” the Party of Regions Viktor Yanukovych noted.


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