Over January-April of 2009 revenues of the General Fund of the State Budget have amounted UAH 48.8 billion while over April of the current year – UAH 14.3 billion, which is 109.5% of the plan. Deputy Finance Minister of Ukraine Anatolii Myarkovskyi announced to a media conference yesterday. According to him, incomes into the General and Special Funds of the budget have been overfulfilled by UAH 2.3 billion, according to government portal.

“The estimated showings in revenues of the General and Special Funds over the four months have been fulfilled plus 2.3 billion hryvnyas,” Anatolii Myarkovskyi underlined and added the government loan has amounted UAH 6.6 billion.

“In whole in revenues and government loans over January-April the budget has obtained 55.5 billion hryvnyas or 105% of the estimated sum over this period. April has demonstrated almost 18 billion hryvnyas of incomes to the budget resources,” the Deputy Minister stressed.

He also added over January-April of the current year proper revenues of the Pension Fund have been transferred in the amount of UAH 31.1 billion or by 9.9% more against the planned showings over the respective period.

Anatolii Myarkovskyi noted the Government fulfills all the planned expenditures in full amounts, in compliance with the Law of Ukraine On the State Budget. He stressed 100 percent payments in salaries to the budget employees, scholarships and pensions are made, as protected budget articles are a top-priority for the Government.

In addition Anatolii Myarkovskyi stressed during January-April UAH 15.8 billion has been transferred from the General Fund of the State Budget to the local budgets.

According to the official, the State Budget of 2009 was to be corrected but changes of the budget articles have been reconsidered only towards increasing.


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