BYuT faction lawmaker Valeriy Pysarenko does not rule out that the opposition may raise issue of Yuri Lutsenko’s dismissal from the post of the Interior Minister of Ukraine due to the incident in Germany, UNIAN reports.

He said this to an UNIAN correspondent on Wednesday.

V.Pysarenko surmised that the opposition may demand resignation of Yuri Lutsenko. At the same time, the lawmaker added, the opposition may put forward initiative to collect 226 votes in parliament to dismiss the Minister.

At the same time, the lawmaker believes Yuri Lutsenko should explain the incident himseld. “I believe, Yuri Lutsenko should tell what really happened, and we should not build any versions by that time”, the lawmaker noted.

As earlier reported, Interior Minister of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko spent half a day in a police station at Frankfurt airport. The Minister and members of the Ukrainian delegation in a state of acute alcohol intoxication were detained by police.


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