In April the inflation in Ukraine made up 0.9% and this is the minimal indicator in the current year.

Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, while opening the Cabinet of Ministers session meeting, stressed, for the first time in the recession months the inflation rate did not exceed one percent and predicted further slowdown in the inflation pace.

"The April to March index of consumer prices of 0.9% is a very positive result and, I think, next month by month the inflation will be slowing down," Tymoshenko said.

She stated the deceleration of the inflation processes in Ukraine and said this be a sign of the downturn cooling.

 At the same time, the foodstuff and non-alcoholic beverage prices in April rose by 1.2%; housing and public utility services by 0.2%; health care by 0.7%, and transport tariffs rose by 0.8%. In January-April 2009, inflation made up 6.9%.

In April 2009 over April 2008, the inflation rose by 15.6%.

As earlier reported, the inflation rate made 1.4% in March and 5.9% in January-March.

Over 2008, consumer prices rose by 22.3%. In 2007 inflation was 16.6% and 11.6% in 2006.

The Cabinet of Ministers forecast 9.5% inflation for 2009.

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