Revenues of the Pension Fund have amounted 104.7% from the estimated showings for April of 2009. The Head of Board of the Pension Fund Olexii Zarudnyi announced during a briefing at the Cabinet of Ministers on Monday. The Cabinet's press service reports.

According to him, from the start of year the plan of proper earnings was fulfilled by the Pension Fund at 109.2% and against the analogous period of last year the earnings of the Pension Fund have grown by almost 2%: “That is, we have a stable positive tendency concerning filling the budget of the Pension Fund. It gives us grounds to confirm that pension payments will further be implemented in time and in full amount as it has been in the previous months”.

Olexii Zarudnyi assured the budget of the Pension Fund is completely balanced which enables fulfillment of commitments taken before the seniors.

At the same time, the head of the Pension Fund informed that today, May 4, according to the schedule the Fund has commenced reimbursement of pensions for the current month: “Payment of pensions in May will be fulfilled in full amount, according to the fixed schedule”.

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