Today the Constitutional Court of Ukraine is going to begin hearing on the constitutionality of the VRU appointment of Presidential elections for 25 October, 2009. The time Viktor Yushchenko will obtain his position depends on the decision of the CCU. However, many politicians say that the CCU has no right to set the date of the Presidential elections. “It means that its decision can not affect the date of the elections. As a lawyer, I am inclined to predict that the CCU will not determine another date for the elections,” MP from the BYuT Valeriy Pysarenko said in an interview to ForUm’s correspondent.
- Valeriy Pysarenko, today PM Yulia Tymoshenko is going to Moscow on working visit to participate in intergovernmental negotiations. What should be expected from this visit?
- As usual, we expect that the visit of Prime Minister will be successful, and all disagreements between Ukraine and Russia, which recently rose, will be solved.
I expect that issues on volumes of gas supplies will be finally solved, in order Ukraine could receive the exact amount of gas which it is able to consume.
- Can winter «gas war» with Russia affect today’s negotiations?

- Winter «gas war» was not between the Prime Ministers of Ukraine and Russia . It was caused by other politicians. Exclusively due to the influence and political possibilities of Yulia Tymoshenko, that «gas war» was finished. So I do not think that now such wars should be expected.
I think that the «gas wars» will soon remain in the history.

- Now the Ukrainian politicum is discussing possibility of coalition between the BYuT and PR. Are negotiations being held now?
- Now this message is purely spread by mass media. To date, it can be said only one thing: proposal for a coalition creation with participation of all political forces, including the Party of Regions, remains in force. This proposal was made by Prime Minister at the end of last year. So today, if PR responds to this proposal and gives its consent, I do not see the problem that the
political team of PR to strengthen the current coalition in parliament.
- Lytvyn Bloc faction leader Ihor Sharov said that the best model of government in Ukraine looks like this: Volodymyr Lytvyn - President, Arseniy Yatsenyuk - Chairman of the VRU, Yulia Tymoshenko - Prime Minister. Do you like that?

- Perhaps it would be good. But I think that Volodymyr Lytvyn is now successfully implementing its functions as VRU chairman. We have not seen Lytvyn as president, but we have seen him in the role of VRU speaker.

In general, such predictions are unlikely to meet sociological research today.


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