In Ukraine no cases of swine influenza have been fixed for now. The Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko informed in the course of the special session of the Government yesterday, ForUm informs, referring to the government portal.

According to the Premier, the Government is taking all necessary measures to avoid penetration of the virus to the territory of Ukraine. So, she said, in the border checkpoints special points are created to conduct checks of citizens on having signs or symptoms of the disease. Yulia Tymoshenko disclosed officers of such points will confiscate goods of animal or plant origin from hand baggage.

Moreover, as Yulia Tymoshenko explained, the Gov’t will recommend holding additional checks of all consignments of goods of animal or plant origin on presence of the virus.

Besides, the Prime Minister informed the citizens who had attended either for rest or business trip the countries where the cases of the swine flu were fixed will also undergo the tests. The Premier underlined the scientists are being working over the vaccine which is to become not only preventive but also therapeutic measure.

In addition Yulia Tymoshenko said, the Government also recommends avoiding trips to the countries with spread of infection.


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