Member of Parliament, the Party of Regions parliamentary faction Deputy Head, President of the Ukrainian Union of Producers and Businessmen, Head of the Anti-Crisis Council of Non-Governmental Associations Anatoliy Kinakh considers that the governmental anti-crisis program should be heard in parliament by May 15, and its consideration in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine should be accompanied by alterations to the current budget of Ukraine, ForUm informs, referring to the Party of Regions press service.

"The national anti-crisis program should be based on real macroeconomic indices and include core principles of the state monetary policy for current year. Otherwise any program will be a mere declaration," the politician is convinced.

He reminded that in line with the Verkhovna Rada Regulations the MPs should have received a concept of the 2010 state budget of Ukraine by mid-May of this year, however the present government has not even managed to adjust the current state budget figures to the realities of the economy yet.

Anatoliy Kinakh was sorry to state that for the second year running, parliament, conceding to the government, passed a law on the state budget hastily, without due study and discussion. “Such macroeconomic policy could result in Ukraine’s economic downshift, decline in our state’s international authority, its transformation into a raw material adjunct to more developed countries”, MP warned.

The producers and businessmen have constantly warned about the grave consequences that may emerge if there are no anti-crisis measures for the domestic economy and internal political situation as a whole. But, in A. Kinakh’s opinion, one should not forget that a lack of concerted moves to assert the internal interests will end in a defeat in the external area, a loss of positions in global markets, decline in authority in the international arena.

“Being not engaged in our own business with due vigilance, we run the risk of becoming a ground for implementation of other scenarios, exposing national security to threat,” Anatoliy Kinakh pointed out.

The politician underlined that the country’s economy requires a systemic vision of the prospects for innovation and investment development, building and maintenance of industrial and social infrastructure, determination of strategic and tactical priorities of modernization, stage-by-stage planning and implementation of reforms.


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