It seems that the crisis in Ukraine is serious! It is not even the matter of prices hike and the unstable economic situation, but in «quiet» panic in the minds of Ukrainians. The director of the Institute of Philosophy of Ukraine Myroslav Popovich is confident the crisis will become a lesson for our country, but the main way to overcome it – to rely on ourselves and stick together.
Myroslav Popovich told the ForUm’s correspondent about the crisis solution, about the commemoration of the Chernobyl tragedy and corruption in high schools.

- This Sunday Ukraine will mark the commemoration day of the Chornobyl disaster. Meanwhile, the Emergency Ministry started talking about the narrowing of pollution zone. It means that a number of people who have Chornobyl benefits will be decreased. Is it necessary to do?

- If there is no money, the authorities will look for different arguments. To evaluate such decision, it is necessary to know the state of the public treasury. But to my mind, the pollution zone should not be narrowed. I do not think it would be justified. Although the iodide compound in the Chornobyl zone do not have threat any more, but there are many radioactive elements, which will forever threaten the health of people. I think that benefit payments for Chornobylmen should be cancelled as a last resort. It is a sin to “touch” their benefits.

I remember well the Chernobyl event. I used to have holidays in Chernobyl very often earlier in summer and until then, I can not find similar place to rest. This event has the same sign for Ukraine, as well as the global economic crisis now. It is necessary to pay for risks. Our nuclear power stations would have cost us several times cheaper than if we took into account the risks. The same situation is in the banking crisis. We lived in debt, and now pay for it. The crisis in Ukraine has become the second Chornobyl.

- Cabinet of Ministers is going to reduce the number of budget places in high schools by 25% and also allowed universities to take a fee from students for the re-examinations and tests. What is your opinion concerning this?

- Reducing the number of state contracts - it is a very heavy blow. This is a big sacrifice. Ukrainians have a right for free education, but that does not mean that it will be realized. The right for free education can be fulfilled only for a certain number of people depending on the country possibilities.

As to payment for failed tests and unsatisfactory marks, it is international practice. I consider that nothing wrong with that. This is a reasonable measure.

As to corruption in the universities, it is impossible to get rid of it. If all students enter the universities on the budget basis, there will be corruption. If there are only commercial universities, then only the rich will study and the poor will be sitting at home. Corruption can not be removed unless there is a developed civil society.

- Our country is deeply into the crisis. What do you think, will we find solution of it soon?
- We overcome the crisis not sooner than the whole world will do. Our economy is oriented for export. It is waiting when there is a demand for steel, chemicals, foods again. I can say one thing, all the economic measures taken by the Government, are in the same direction in which the entire world is struggling with the crisis.


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