Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko has asked Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to conduct a thorough review of government decisions taken to receive the next tranche of the International Monetary Fund's loan to Ukraine, Interfax-Ukraine informs.

The head of state made the request in a letter to the head of government, his press service reported.

Yuschenko said that he welcomes the approval by the government of decisions needed to get the next tranche of the fund's loan.

However, he said that a package of resolutions adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers on April 14, 2009 contains clauses that do not concern issues that should be settled as part of cooperation with this organization, and which have a number of serious drawbacks.

Yuschenko said that the government had passed five resolutions introducing additional paid services that could be rendered by budget-funded institutions concerning such areas as tackling the consequences of emergencies, fire prevention, the work of the law enforcement agencies, and social and cultural services for citizens.

The head of state said that the attempt to ensure the payment of wages to workers of budget-funded institutions, educational establishments, medical, cultural, scientific, and sports institutions through the mechanism of charitable contributions has nothing to do with the IMF's proposals.

Yuschenko said that the endorsement of decisions that do not directly concern IMF proposals but that introduce unclear schemes for the financial maintenance of the state sector would have a dramatic effect on the country's social and economic situation.


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