Hryvnia exchange rate to US dollar and to main currencies is generally speaking manageable and it largely depends on the economic policy carried out by the government and on the National Bank’s moves. Member of Parliament, the Party of Regions parliamentary faction member Vladislav Lukyanov communicated it to IMK commenting on the NBU’s information about that the Ukrainian business circles expect further devaluation of the hryvnia against the US dollar and euro, according to Party of Regions press service.

“By the end of two months we have about one billion of foreign trade balance deficit. If the government keeps on pursuing such a course, whatever the National Bank would do, the economic situation will aggravate because the gold-currency reserves are not unlimited”, the Party of Regions MP pointed out.

Commenting on the information that hryvnia stabilization is seen only because of the IMF representatives’ arrival at Ukraine and possible obtaining of the second tranche, the politician said: “Obtaining of two billion dollars does not affect the macroeconomic indices in Ukraine much. It may be only a signal for investors that we are working. In fact, this will slightly fortify our gold-currency reserves, which are now melting as snow in spring. Why are they melting? They are melting because export and import do not match and the 13% duties are imposed to protect the domestic market”.

According to MP, the government’s goal is not to profiteer on the exchange rate but to keep up the economy’s stability.

“To this end the paramount task is to balance the budget, but the balancing of budget should result from the steps made to adopt the anti-crisis course and Anti-crisis program”, Vladislav Lukyanov summed up.


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