One of the most devoted allies of Viktor Yushchenko, the current deputy mayor of Kyiv Yevhen Chervonenko is not easy person and somehow, even scandalous. In an interview to the ForUm's correspondent he spoke about the big mistake of the President, on the mental health of his current chief, and something more.

- Yevhen Chervonenko, how is your work with Chernovetskyi? Is it «small position» for you after the governor's job?

- You know, first of all, you need to live in harmony with yourtself. “Small position or not small” – life will tell. And Kyiv - this is not “small”. Kyiv - one of the key cities in the country, and politically, and for Euro-2012 in particular.

- All the talks about the mental inferiority of Chernovetskyi - it's just talk, or it is something indeed?

- I am not going to accuse someone of something .... You know, many brilliant people, were considered also «not quite mentally healthy». We have a lot that do not fit into the generally accepted norms, and it is often called hatred. For example, we always say that we are poor, but live «in grand style» - even by Western standards. And if your material state is not hidden, it is abnormal.

- In one interview you said that if Tymoshenko and Yanukovych get to the second tour of presidential elections, you will vote for Yanukovych. Why? You were a devoted colleague to «Orange team», or for five years, everything has changed?

- First of all, Yanukovych today is quite another Yanukovych, as compared to 2004. Now he is educated by democracy of last four years. Secondly, I think all the political forces have learned our mistakes, which caused split of the President’s team. Party of Regions does not betray its members. BYuT unfortunately, uses the people. Many of them can’t resist and leave. This is my opinion.

I said I was not against Tymoshenko, I also believed her at the beginning. And I worked with her a lot. I am against: a) lie, with wide-open eyes in front of TV cameras, b) the making of power and arbitrary methods of military Communism in the economy. And most importantly - I am against the inability to hear and listen to each other, failure to keep the word.

You know and see very well what requests (for involvement in the poisoning of the President - Ed.) I get from a select group of MPs from the BYuT. My question is: why did not they blame me before? But it is a question of morality. So, according to their policy, everyone who has different opinion from others, which does not fit into their scope and objectives, should be eliminated.

- Why did you recently have been attacked so often in connection with the poisoning of the President?

- I think that just because they do not believe in God, and none of that, except for power and money.

- Why Yushchenko denied almost all his fellows «of 2004»?

- Do not dramatize. As I said before Yushchenko made a mistake, the head should penalize, but not push off and drive out his people.

Now, I think, reformation of the whole politicum is being held, but still we must treat each other more kind. Otherwise we will not survive, and to be a king in the cemetery is not very fun.


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