Today, April 13, the Orthodox world comes in the last week before Easter. This is Holy Week. This week is dedicated to recollection of last earthy life days of Jesus Christ, his sufferings and death.

Fasting during Great and Holy Week is very strict. Dairy products and meat products are strictly forbidden. On most days, no alcoholic beverages are permitted and no oil is used in the cooking.

Every day of the Holy week is called Holy and is connected with its traditions and signs. The days between Palm Sunday and Maundy Thursday are known as Holy Monday (or Fig Monday), Holy Tuesday and Holy Wednesday (sometimes called Spy Wednesday). The Gospels of these days recount events not all of which occurred on the corresponding days between Jesus' entry into Jerusalem and his Last Supper.

Holy Thursday commemorates the Last Supper of Christ and his Eleven Aposteles. On this day peole clean everything and care of clearness of their souls.

On Good Friday the Church mourns for Christ’s death, reveres the Cross, and marvels at his life for his obedience until death.

Holy Saturday - a day of silence and prayer which commemorates the dead Christ in the tomb. Then Easter vigil and Estaer itself come. On Easter Sunday consecration of Easter cakes, eggs, meat and other food is being held in churches.


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