It is necessary to find alternatives which will enable to minimize negative consequences and open prospects for the building industry. It was said yesterday during a meeting of the commission of the Ukrainian Union of Producers and Businessmen on development of the building industry by Member of Parliament, the Party of Regions parliamentary faction Deputy Head, the UUPB president Anatoliy Kinakh, Party of Regions web-sire informs.

According to him, Ukraine’s building industry is in a grave position – the fall in production volumes approaches 50%, construction of thousand objects is frozen. “Production of building materials is in a deep crisis, which after a rise in the price for energy carriers, for natural gas has become almost uncompetitive, because of a shortage of budgetary funds ended up without orders,” Anatoliy Kinakh marked.

In MP’s opinion, the government approves a lot of decisions which are not carried out - not backed by the Cabinet of Ministers’ decrees and due finance. “Under such circumstances even the approval of Law “On prevention of influence of the global financial crisis on development of the building industry and housing construction” is not a rescue measure, everything comes to the imitation of activity,” he pointed out.

The law on overcoming the crisis phenomena in the construction envisages the use of resources from the Stabilization Fund, the work of which is not focused on growth, and its funds are mainly used for consumption. “A serious negative point is that for the time being there are no alterations and amendments to the state budget, – the politician said. – Only the item of completion of the housing construction so far ready by 70%-plus requires UAH 7.5 billion, and it calls for changes to the state budget”.

In the meeting participants’ opinion, the government should as soon as possible clearly define its actual capability to fulfill the law on development of the building industry and housing construction in the crisis conditions. “Today it is necessary to search for alternatives which will help minimize negative consequences for the building industry, – Anatoliy Kinakh is convinced. – We should do everything so that the economy’s “stem”, the building industry, would start working, including the directions which concern the solving of acute social concerns: to proceed in housing construction, to provide citizens with an access to housing”.


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