The chairman of the VRU Volodymyr Lytvyn considers that the main candidates for the President’s position are interested in holding of election on October 25 because they understand that their rating will be reduced on January 17, 2010. Lytvyn said that today at the press conference in Poltava oblast.

According to him, in October there will be still no significant problems concerning how to sign gas agreement, heating season problems, etc. People will be still not so frustrated. Therefore, the main candidates for the President’s position intend to hold elections in October.

At the same time Lytvyn is convinced that presidential elections must take place on January 17. The added that Constitutional Court will clear this issue.

Lytvyn considers that the main slogan today should be how to save the Ukrainian people. It is necessary to unite in order to survive. He called everybody to care for the country and the people.


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