The President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko stands for reconsidering of the program on construction of accommodations for public servants. He said that today in scope of the meeting on support of construction industry.

According to Yushchenko, for today office accommodation construction is a very big secret. He also noted that unfortunately this year there are no changes in the budget concerning accommodation for public servants

The President noted that the state should not provide the public servant with 100% of payment for the accommodation, but instead the state should provide the servant with compensation of the interest rate or give him a possibility to pay one third and get a loan for the rest.

“Yushchenko noted that the state can serve more powerful construction program by 3-5 times with the same funds we have now.

According to him, in stead to help 5-10 servants, we just help one, it is not logic and unreasonable.


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