Annual address of the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko to the Verkhovna Rada
(Unofficial translation)

Dear Ukrainian people,

Mister Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada,

Madam Prime Minister,

State deputies,

Members of the Government,

Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

My address on internal and external state of Ukraine I, first of all, address to our people, all the citizens of Ukraine and, undoubtedly to the Ukrainian Parliament.

Hard times have come for Ukraine and for the world. We need to calmly contemplate the situation. Let everyone, who is wise, and everyone, who does not see Ukraine as only a source of profit and temporary shelter, hear me.

I have the right to say these words.

You know it well, I stand firmly and honestly for the basic position of my life – national Ukrainian interests. Nation and a human, their free life in unity and democracy are the most important standards for Ukrainian authorities’ work.

One hundred years ago the first chairman of Ukrainian independent parliament Mykhailo Hrushevsky, who later became the Head of State, has formulated main principles of Ukrainian democracy in his article “Foundations of Great Ukraine”:

“It should care for strengthening the idea of Ukrainian democratic statehood, for propagation of the idea among citizens, so that they felt call of duty before it as the supreme stimulus of public life; the stimulus that would unite all people and the whole nation in one national impulse and would prevail over party differences and divisions when it comes to basic interests of Ukrainian state”.

Today I address everybody and everyone – those who support me and those who oppose, those who have not lost faith and those who did.

I address our whole great Ukrainian nation.

Let us take a broad, loving and devoted look at Ukraine – in this devotion we will find true national unity.

Ukraine has undoubtedly changed in last five years. Fundamental processes have moved forward. We know now where are we going.

We strengthen ourselves as one nation. The Ukrainian nation with distinct character, culture and language, traditions, history, which arisen on our land. And at the same time as united political nation, which evolves without regard to difference in views, faith, language or origin. We are able to make decisions in which lies national dignity. We have brought the subject of the Holodomor to global level. The world has heard and understood us. With no regard to political views and if we are honest before God and Ukraine, we all understand importance of establishing single Ukrainian church.

This says the nation. This says our dignity. We are learning to be a nation – openly, following our conscience, disregarding someone else’s displeasure, opening ourselves before ourselves, through complications, through pain, but this pain brings rejuvenation and healing because our spirit and body got the chance to be healed.

We have become a free country. From 2004 the people is the head arbiter for the country. The opposition has come twice to power through free and fair election. For four years we have had freedom of speech and choice as the norm. It had never been so before. But today it is as natural as the air we breathe.

We continued the large-scaled historical process of unification of Europe. In last few years we have done more than in previous decade. We did it not for some stranger. We did it for us.

Our integration into European and Euro-Atlantic community is not an abstract goal anymore. Yet, at the same time, it is not an end in itself. It represents practical and modern instruments, which are capable of helping us to provide welfare to people and protection to the country, our nation, our children and our grandchildren.

We have done a great systematic work.

As the result, Ukraine has done or stands at the doorstep of exceptional steps, which were impossible 5 years ago. I am speaking of the joining of energy systems of Ukraine and the European Union and the perspective of signing agreement on energy cooperation, the Eastern Partnership agreement, the completed agreement on airspace, the beginning of talks on visa-free Ukraine-EU travel, the talks on establishment of free trade zone with the EU. I also mean the unprecedented closeness to signature of the Association Agreement with the European Union that will happen this year.

Every step mentioned above is a part of practical and achievable return of Ukraine to European world.

We have focused on practical steps rather than on slogans.

Having become member of the Bologna process we entered European education area.

Having become member of the World Trade Organization we became equal partners at European and global markets.

Having elaborated business plan of the modernization of Ukraine’s energy gas transit system we began integration of our gas energy systems that not only will bring us economic profit, but also will limit external pressure.

We have brought back to life the Odesa-Brody-EU energy transit route. Undoubtedly it will become main through-passage for energy resources from Caspian region to Europe.

Same as in this project, together with Poland, we became hosts of EURO 2012 Championship. The event will give boost to our economy and open us for Europe and for the world.

Ukraine has all chances to change.

In less than five years deep renovation has happened in the life of the country.

We have provided conditions for stopping critical demographic processes.

Isn’t this a joy, a true human joy that in 2008 eighty four thousand children more were born than in 2004? For the first time since we gained independence we see surplus of births over deaths in three regions of Ukraine. And I am sure this is only the beginning.

Gradually we begin caring more for each other. In 2008 every tenth Ukrainian orphan child has found its family. Another important fact is that since 2006 national Ukrainian adoption has become more often.

Compared to 2005 the number of children taken by adoptive families increased 22 times. It is parents, who are now standing in line for adoption, not the children, contrary to as it was three years ago.

We have stopped mass flow-out of people to other countries.

In 2001-2002 two people left Ukraine per one arriving; now the tendency is reverse – people are coming back home.

We have done important steps in education.

425 thousand children entered higher education facilities by the new testing rules. We have per se cleansed ourselves of the old corrupted system that was demoralizing both parents and children. This is the first step towards new realization in Ukrainian youth.

We have started the reform of Armed Forces and the whole security sector. Fundamental changes took place from increase in wages to reduction of call-up period to 12 months. I am sure that despite all problems we will reach the goal of professional Ukrainian military.

Foreign investors now believe in Ukraine. In last four years the amount of direct foreign investment to Ukraine reached almost 27 billion dollars – three times more than all the investment drawn by Ukraine since independence.

I would also like to mention that our potential is shown by one simple fact: before the crisis hit us the economic growth in Ukraine estimated at 6,5-7 percent, being one of the highest in Europe. I believe that we will return to this index.

So it means that we are not in the gap or on the roadside.

We are in the midline of the road that could lead us to really free, prosperous, safe, better society. There is no pathos or exaggeration in that.

No one can void our achievements.

But we could have done hundred times more if the idea of national dignity and unity became supreme for all of us. Particularly for Ukrainian politicians.

Our current situation is far from unique.

Dozens of other states and nations experienced similar problems – Germany, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, United States.

The answer to these challenges has always been one:

Unity. Independence and national dignity. Ability to step over one’s ambitions. Readiness to live one’s own life by one’s own wit rather than obeying orders from foreign capitals. Will to see valuable partners in one another rather than rivals, which are to be outran by any cost.

We have won our victory.

But freedom is not just a background. Its aim is our progress.

I call upon the nation, upon all of us to unite for the sake of our social progress.

To unite when it comes to basic interests of the state, nation and Ukrainian citizen.

This is main point of my address.

Dear fellow countrymen.

Our external state is safe, yet vulnerable to numerous new challenges.

Main threats come from corrosion of international legal standards, from overall deterioration of international relations atmosphere, from energy dependency of Ukraine from dangerous, destructing and shortsighted attempts to rely on force in resolution of disputes or conflicts.

Our only possible response to these challenges is strict observation of international law regulations and obligations, conduction of constructive and balanced external political course as well as firmness in protection of chosen national goals fixed in the legislation.

External political priorities of Ukraine are permanent and well tried. European and Euro-Atlantic goal remains unaltered and it will be reached.

I emphasize that again – it is in all Ukrainian citizens’ interest. I stand for improvement of relations with Russian Federation.

I will do everything that is possible to turn the page of misunderstanding and secure equal and friendly dialogue, as it should be between neighbors. The circle of our state priorities will remain broad – from Washington to Warsaw, from London and Paris to Beijing and Tokyo, from Seoul to Tripoli.

Especially in current conditions we should increase our presence at external markets and establish new economic ties.

Ukraine wishes to exist and work in safe regional environment.

We must fully meet all requirements to national security.

Our internal situation is complicated but far from catastrophe.

We have not crossed the line yet. But already today we are facing three dangerous challenges: economic decline, exacerbation of political crisis and wide-scale social protest.

I am sure that main cause for economic crisis in Ukraine is not external, but descends from inability of the state to conduct basic necessary structural reforms, first of all economic and social.

The long ago promised to Ukrainians Revenue Code for ten years already has been kicked back and forth between the Government and the Parliament.

Individual privatization of strategic enterprises was turned into wholesale by the rules of mass privatization, which were used back in 1990’s.

Reforms in energy sector or in agriculture are out of question.

Currently we hold lowest places in business environment ratings.

It turned out that we were mostly unprepared to withstand the first strike of the crisis.

Therefore this first strike was so painful and heavy.

We lost external markets that consumed 60 percent of Ukrainian export; on these markets almost fully depended our inflow of foreign currency, as well as employment of almost 2 million people in metallurgy, chemical industry and adjacent branches.

As the result, GDP growth slowed down to 102,1 percent last year compared to 106,7 percent in 2007 and fell 25-30 percent in January-February this year. (I announce this data despite some are trying to keep it a secret.)

All this certainly produced deterioration of social situation in Ukraine.

Debts in wages have doubled between October of 2008 and January of 2009 and reached 1,6 billion hryvnyas. From last October unemployment has doubled.

But I will stop here.

Dear fellow countrymen,

I did not come to this hall to describe problems, typical today for many other states including our neighbors.

I came here to propose the way out of the crisis.

Political assumption that one will be able to wait through the crisis aside of it all will not come true.

We are one step from totally new economy, different global redistribution of labor and ratio of prices for resources.

I address both the government and the opposition. Millions of people want their hope back.

I want you to hear the voice of our people.

On behalf of millions of Ukrainian citizens, I address all Ukrainian politicians.

Despite everything, you are able to set aside all the conflicts in the face of serious threats.

Despite everything, we are able to stand up together in the moment of crisis for the state and for our people.

Our first steps in unity have already produced results.

We are restoring dialogue with international financial institutions.

We saved the banking system from collapse. Every third depositor’s hryvnya left the banking system. The banking sector has faced systematic political harassment that undermined its steady work.

Such attacks could ruin even stronger banking system than ours, but our system managed to stand fast. It took 70 billion hryvnyas of refinancing for it to continue functioning.

We introduced stable mechanism of anti-crisis cooperation and consultations.

In the spirit of this work I address everyone, who is now present in the hall of the Verkhovna Rada.

I want you to calm down political passions and impose moratorium on conflicts.

Presidential campaign opens four months before the election.

I propose that any actions aimed at winning early political benefits were postponed until September.

I would like you to give the state time to extricate itself out of the hardest phase of this trial.

I propose a joint national antirecessionary plan that will save the country and protect millions of our people.

It consists out of two interrelated components.

The economic program and political measures.

The First. Economy.

I emphasize that: we are special but not unique in this crisis.

The world has enough examples of both successful and faulty policy in this regard.

Iceland, the developed European country, which until recently had per capita GDP of 64 thousand USD, has lost its economy, currency and banking system.

On the other hand, Hungary and Denmark in the crisis have increased their production and reduced unemployment. All this accompanied by low inflation rates.

The method was one: the real program of action. And here are specific steps.

First of all – we need to restore financial stability in the country.

I had repeated many times before that the existing 2009 State Budget is populism, as it distorts the role of state finance. It presents a serious threat to stability of national currency and prices.

We must cut all the excess expenditures and finally start living within our means.

This applies to everyone – from the state to enterprises’ budgets and even to every Ukrainian family.

We must urgently and dramatically revise the State Budget for 2009.

In the process of revision of the budget I will be insisting on provision of financing of the protected articles, such as social standards and minimal maintenance costs of state functions.

With regard to enormous shortage of resources, it is necessary to stop wasting money on 300 national target programs. It looks like feast during the plague.

Stabilization Fund should be returned the purpose, it had been established for, namely the financing of major state projects, rather than repaying arrears of wages. The last is absolute nonsense.

The so-called “balanced budget” of NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” should be revised.

Anywhere in the world such a monopoly would be prosperous. Instead, we see hidden and questionable budget prepared by the Government.

Today the company found itself in extremely bad situation. If its budget is not revised urgently, the consequences for the company will be dramatic.

It is necessary to urgently make realistic changes to the Pension Fund’s budget. Billion deficits in this budget are covered by funds from the Stabilization Fund. Such a policy will result in collapse.

We need pension reform.

I would like to ask all the present:

Gentlemen, is this right that the former prosecutor, who by the way continues to work, gets for himself in a court the 50 thousand hryvnyas monthly pension?

Is this right that deputies, judges, or top-level officials receive 15-20 thousand hryvnyas pensions? There are thousands of such examples.

The situation represents rough disrespect for millions of Ukrainian people. In the essence it is social injustice.

I demand cancelation of all special pensions replacing them with introduction of a single criterion for all: the salary and length of service.

This should be done by the Verkhovna Rada and, above all, by the coalition.

We should introduce a tax on real estate for wealthy citizens, which will strengthen the financial base of local governments.

With heavy heart, I ask you to support the Government proposed increase of excise and expansion of Pension Fund’s profit base. This step is necessary for supporting the resources of our state.

These initial steps will enable us to save the situation and strengthened cooperation with the IMF, thus restoring confidence in Ukraine.

The second. Social responsibility.

Providing jobs, especially for skilled workers is the duty of the government and employers.

I suggest establishing a forecast system of labor resources at the local level, in order to balance demand for labor.

We need to encourage mobility of labor within the country. If particular worker is available in the range of even tens of kilometers, he must be offered the job.

In that way we will be able to keep employment rates.

The next thing is restoration of justice in social protection.

This is the most painful thing for our people.

At the same time I would like to make myself clear: social justice does not mean paternalism or Soviet-type equality.

It is necessary to rearrange benefits, as there are 19.5 million benefit recipients in Ukraine. That is almost half of the population, which neither state is able to withstand.

Current benefits system is absolutely unfair. Those, whom we call rich people, get the most from state subsidies to pay for gas or electricity; and this cannot be reasoned.

Social justice means support of the poorest, most vulnerable people.

It means help to those who want to work.

And it also means tough restrictions for those, who seek to make profit on the budget.

Therefore, I appeal for radical reduction of the number of benefits, especially by profession, for their personalization and making the right for benefits dependant on financial and property conditions.

The third. It is necessary to provide sufficient support to the banking system. It is the spine of economy that supports the muscles of real sector.

The State must immediately assume responsibility for the banks that are in trouble and take part in their capital.

We have resources for that - the budget provides 44 billion hryvnyas for recapitalization of the banks.

This responsibility must be backed by the full control of such banks.

I am sure that rapid actions of the state will result in restoration of confidence among the citizens. As soon as we have confidence back, the investors will return.

Yet, the banking system should also move closer to citizens, because they are its major partners.

I insist on introduction of a mechanism that would provide bank support to anyone in trouble, rather than leaving the person to be finished off by the system.

We must prevent the decrease in financing of companies, working on products that have demand.

The issue of confidence is applicable to currency exchange rate too. For now we have balanced the rate, ensuring virtually zero balance of foreign trade. It is the negative balance of trade (U.S. $ 12 billion) that had produced the problem in the first place.

So why do fluctuations continue? Unfortunately, the answer is: psychology and reaction of people.

In 1998, Korea urged its citizens to support the banks and people responded by bringing in their money and jewelry.

I do not suggest that.

I just ask Ukrainian citizens to confide in banks and not to close their deposit accounts, so that they did not harm either themselves, or the state, or those who have received loans and need support.

The fourth. Support every Ukrainian manufacturer, whose products have effective demand.

The banking system should give impetus to support domestic demand.

The criterion here may be only one.

The enterprises making products that have demand should get financing. Enough said.

It is necessary to provide appropriate crediting of projects of strategic value for the state, which were launched by private capitals; I mean Euro 2012, development of infrastructure, energy sector, communications, transport.

For that I suggest elaboration of an open investment program of banks’ refinancing by the National Bank.

And finally, the fifth. We must focus on Ukrainian economy sectors with growth potential.

These are first of all agriculture and small and medium business.

In agriculture the most important is to support market pricing for products of domestic manufacturers. No investments whatsoever can make up for the damage, dealt to farmers by administrative intervention.

Last year the ban was imposed on export of 6 million tons of grain. Moreover, all grain elevators were stuffed with this grain and therefore were unable to store the new harvest.

The grain decayed, the conditions became disadvantageous and farmers lost 2 billion USD, which is twice the sum of support money for agriculture, foreseen by the State Budget. Similar things happened to meat market and market of sunflower seeds.

As the result, farmers are deprived of their rights and making loss.

Therefore it is essential to stop any administrative interference in agriculture sector once and for all.

Agriculture should also be protected from low-quality and cheap imports. I strongly oppose Government’s cancelation of extra charge for meat customs duties.

Farmers should be provided access to loans and financial resources based on clear principle: the demand for the products must determine everything.

The Agrarian Fund, State Reserve, SAC “Bread of Ukraine” should secure income to farmers, rather than to middlemen.

At the same time the state must actively search for new markets to sell domestic products and promote them abroad.

And to the most important. I demand allowing already the free sale of land.

The moratorium, which has been imposed four times in succession, is nothing but a new form of serfdom for farmers.

Farmers should be freed and they will save and feed Ukraine, and not just Ukraine.

Small and medium business.

This is our main partner in maintaining employment and providing essential goods and services.

I am speaking now about nearly four million most economically active citizens.

It is them, who are able to quickly adapt to the new conditions and their companies will make up the foundation for economic growth.

But for that to happen, a number of steps should be made, such as easing procedures of start-up, operation and termination of business, making sure that legally established system of inspections worked properly, including tax.

No regulations should be issued without extreme need for them and all unnecessary regulations should be immediately canceled.

Ukraine is a preserve for Soviet system of standardization and certification and among all post-Soviet states only our country still has it.

In response to the request from the «Government and business are partners» Forum all the necessary alterations to legislation were submitted by the President to the parliament and are already there.

Dear fellow countrymen,

Deputies, members of the Government,

By making these steps we can improve the situation in national economy and social state in the nearest time.

However, making these steps is just a fragment of the work.

We must bring order not only to the household, but also to the whole house.

So now I will proceed to the political block of questions.

I will be brief: radical change of the electoral system should become the foundation for quality renovation of staff in the government, both central and local.

The existing closed proportional system has exhausted its potential, destroyed effectiveness of state authorities, particularly of local government.

Due to politicians lacking adequate culture, the system is compromised in the eyes of millions of citizens.

People are openly pointing to the results: the decline in professionalism of the parliament, devaluation of deputy's mandate, lack of communication between those voted for and their voters.

I will extend this list: politicization of local councils instead of solving the problems of local communities, hypertrophied role of parties’ and parliamentary groups’ leaders, establishment of parties in which ideology is replaced by charismatic authority - all these are consequences of closed proportional system.

Citizens should be returned their right to personalized choice of deputies.

Being the only legislative body, the parliament must implement election system reform - the transition to open election lists in parliamentary elections and to majority system in all local elections.

People should have the right to vote not only for one or another political party, but also for a specific candidate.

This will correct existing negative trends in the parties, and simultaneously will provide conditions for genuine political competition, political responsibility and bring quality of all representative bodies in the state to the new level.

Yet, this is still not enough.

Without delay we must proceed to establishment and implementation of a new governance model that would meet the needs and values of Ukraine, as a European nation, and provide response to challenges of the present.

I am assured that this is a matter of outmost national importance.

Obvious flaws in current organization of public governance force us to this.

These flaws are primarily due to politically unreasoned and premature alteration of the Constitution in 2004.

It is probably not the coincidence that the law that introduced political reform had such a number: “four twos”.

In fact, these changes crippled all main components of governance organization:

The nature of local government was destroyed by introduction of party lists election.

A dualistic hybrid in organization of the executive branch was spawned, which limited authority of the President of Ukraine without providing counterbalancing of the Government’s authority by responsibility before the parliamentary coalition and of those two before the people;

In addition to lawmaking and executive power shaping functions, the parliament was given authority to shape judiciary power and leadership of all key institutions in the country.

Modern European legal doctrine does not accept such a concentration of power by single authority.

I would like to emphasize: the society has a clear demand for unity in state authorities’ actions together with simultaneous balance of power between the branches.

Suggestions of transition to purely parliamentary or presidential form of government that are now common, are nothing more than another attempt to shuffle the powers for someone’s needs.

I reject any kind of egocentrism in governance or attempts to usurp power.

Society wants not a strong hand, as some would think, but the supremacy of law and order.

The time has come to set forth clear and fair criteria for distribution of power. The world has already worked out the appropriate models that should be implemented in Ukraine.

I suggest introducing a bicameral parliamentary system with the decreased total number of deputies.

Beside that the basic request from people should be finally fulfilled - the request for abolition of unlimited parliamentary immunity.

All conditions are there.

It is worth mentioning that most of the unitary states at European continent have bicameral parliaments (take the Czech Republic, Poland or France).

Our country needs the parliament of European model - the National Assembly of Ukraine that would combine both political and territorial representation.

The lower house – the Chamber of Deputies – having been eleted by direct vote by the proportional system would be the body for political representation of the people.

Beside the legislative function, the lower chamber of the parliament would be responsible for appointment of the government and supervising its activities.

I am absolutely sure that the Government should not be appointed anymore without the program of its work.

Inability to appoint the Government and approve the program for it results in dissolution of the lower chamber of the parliament and early election.

Please keep in mind: only of the chamber - not the whole parliament, which retains its viability under any circumstances.

The upper house is elected by direct vote by majority system and represents communities and regions.

This chamber is designed to take the authority over non-governmental staff appointments, and approval of all defense and security decisions of the President of Ukraine.

Equal representation of all the regions of Ukraine (3 senators from each region) in the Senate will be the uniting factor.

Another contribution to that will be the eligibility age limit for the upper chamber.

As the result, the political turbulences will be happening exclusively within the lower house with its acute forms of political competition and competitiveness.

Thus we will balance and stabilize the powers, upgrade representative democracy, initiate decentralization processes and enhance the quality of the legislative process.

As to the post of the President of Ukraine. In my opinion, we should keep the direct national representative mandate for the Head of State.

The constitutional and legal status of the President as the guarantor of sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Ukraine corresponds with the mandate.

The mission of the President would be, in cooperation with the upper chamber, providing institutional stability of the state, implementation of reforms, setting priorities for public policy, which would provide progress of the nation.

At the same time, the Cabinet should get independence. The Government should be responsible for external and internal policy.

The dualism in executive power must be put to an end.

I support preservation of parliamentary method of appointing the Government without exceptions or limitations. The Government should be appointed by one source.

Thus, having won the parliamentary election, the political parties will determine the composition of the Government and conduct state policy, fulfilling their obligations before the voters.

Another essential component of the constitutional reform is ensuring reality of local government.

The foundation for local self-government should be community. The community should provide basic social services to citizens.

A clear consequent connection should be established between community, district and region.

It is time to allow representative bodies – regional and district councils, to establish their executive bodies, and to provide them with appropriate authority.

The executive committees established by the councils should be responsible for the situation in the region and accountable before the deputies of local governments and the people.

At this level territorial divisions of central government should be established.

The existing state administrations should be withdrawn from the system of executive power and become effective instruments for monitoring observation of the Constitution, legislation, rights and freedoms.

Qualitative transformation of local self-government is impossible without effective administrative-territorial reform.

We need to put in order the existing irrational structure of Ukraine.

The time has come for judicial reform and reformation of law enforcement bodies’.

Regaining citizens’ confidence in the courts is a matter of outmost significance for the state.

Prominent philosophers have said that justice is a foundation for social virtues and the guarantee of democratic freedoms.

I call upon the Verkhovna Rada to approve the draft law of Ukraine “On the judiciary system and the status of judges” to bring us closer to the aim.

Its adoption is very important, because it will solve basic problems, introduce transparent procedure for selection of judges, increase the guarantee of their independence and toughen responsibility of judges.

The next step is fundamental reformation of law enforcement bodies’ work.

Our assignment here is reorienting the bodies from protection of government’s interests to protection of the rights of the citizen as well as depriving pre-trial investigation of its accusatory character.

We must introduce competitiveness and procedural equality.

We must guarantee return of criminal prosecution in the authority of law enforcement bodies. Current practice of courts substituting this function must be ended.

I urge Ukrainian parliament to take my words with all responsibility and without wasting time adopt the new Criminal Procedure Code.

This work should be started right now in current Verkhovna Rada.

We need truly radical changes.

These changes are impossible without fundamental alteration of the Constitution.

I have already called upon all parliamentary political forces to joint and balanced work.

I repeat my offer.

I do it openly and publicly.

I want our state to have the Constitution that has not been created for some persons or for politicians, but for our people, our nation, our liberty and our progress.

We are in the middle of the path.

And right this difficult moment we must approve the new basic law.

Dear Ukrainian people,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have the honor today to hand over to the Speaker of the Verkhovna the draft revised Constitution of Ukraine, which I ask to consider as urgent.

Dear fellow citizens,

Today is the ultimate time for action.

I am ready to cooperate with everyone, who supports my position and my vision of joint anti-crisis work.

You are well aware that I was right every time I warned against unreasoned political changes and economic populism.

You are well aware that I have been standing firmly for protection of national priorities.

You know very well that I kept to all the commitments.

I call to renew the general political culture in Ukraine.

Current Government and parliament have particularly difficult task.

You have fate of the country and overcoming the crisis in your hands.

Every nation that thinks of the future is taking urgent antirecessionary measures.

I call upon you to support my action program and unite based on common economic platform.

My priorities are known to all.

It is the unified Ukrainian nation.

It is the wealthy middle class, and protected Ukrainian.

It is the healthy society that has live, moral, family values.

It is the security of a man and a citizen, and the guaranteed protection of all our rights and freedoms.

It is the stability of the business without exceptions and limitations.

It is the security of the state as a full-fledged member of Euro-Atlantic community, an equal partner and active participant of international life.

I have not abandoned, even slightly, these principles.

I am continuing and will continue my work.

I know that the truth of national position will inevitably win.

The ordeal will end and we will straighten our shoulders.

In the early 20-ies of last century, when Europe was hit by the long-drawn recession, a Spanish philosopher appealed to his despondent fellow countrymen with such words:

“If Spain wants to be reborn, it must rejuvenate in itself the strong and restless craving for perfection. But political reforms, certainly, will not be enough. We must apply ourselves to hard work, putting all the efforts in embarking the nation on the path towards perfection”.

Dear Ukraine, we are big, strong and free nation.

Our goal is to make real, big next step towards a better life.

We are just in the middle of the road.

We need to gather ourselves up.

We must believe in ourselves.

We must go forward.

Glory to Ukraine!

Thank you for your attention.

Спасибо за Вашу активность, Ваш вопрос будет рассмотрен модераторами в ближайшее время