In the center of Kyiv near the VRU, Cabinet of Ministers and President’s Secretariat buildings mass protest actions are being held today by the PR supporters.

About 10000 protesting people are now near the VRU building. They are brandishing the flags and posters “Down with the orange power, we are for Yanukovych!”.

Another 10000 supporters of the PR are now near the Cabinet of Ministers building. The traffic in Hrushevskogo street is blocked.

There is also a protest action near the President’s Secretariat but it is not so numerous (about 2 thousand people).

According to the police data, the participants of the protest actions are mainly delivered from the western oblasts of Ukraine. They are mainly youth and pensioners.

The protests actions are being held peacefully without any incidents.

Now the participants of the protest action are moving to Maidan for mass meeting.
Note: The number of the participants in the protests actions is not precise and can be subjective.

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