In accordance with Article 6 of the Law of Ukraine on Fighting Corruption President Viktor Yushchenko has published his income statement, the president’s press office informed.

President Viktor Yushchenko has declared UAH 1.04 million of incomes for 2008.

ForUm reports, referring to the Ukrainian News.

According to the income declaration, members of the first family earned UAH 549,320 in 2008.

The largest article of incomes of Viktor Yushchenko is dividends, interests and royalties - UAH 549,040.

According to the income declaration, the Ukrainian President received UAH 492,020 as salary in 2008.

The family of President Viktor Yushchenko earned the largest sum from entrepreneurship and independent professional activities - UAH 455,965. The first family earned UAH 93,355 from dividends, interests and royalty.

Viktor Yushchenko has declared as his property a house of 656.7 square meters and a flat of 371.9 square meters. Members of the first family own a flat of 300 square meters.

According to the income declaration, Viktor Yushchenko owns a land plot of 131,385 square meters and members of his family own a land plot of 1,633 square meters.

According to the declaration, Viktor Yushchenko owns a ZAZ-965A car and a Harl.Dav bike. Neither of his family members own transport vehicles.

Also, President Viktor Yushchenko owns securities for UAH 327 and a banking deposit of UAH 3,014,181. The first family members have deposits for UAH 2,420,495.

Deposits and securities of the family are placed abroad.

According to the declaration, members of President Viktor Yushchenko’s family include his wife Kateryna and children under the age of 18: Taras, Sofia, and Khrystyna.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, President Viktor Yushchenko posted income of UAH 926,922 for 2007.

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