Deciding on NATO accession will be the Ukrainian citizens, but not Moscow, Washington or Brussels, Ukraine's Ambassador to Russia Kostiantyn Hryshchenko said at the 'K baryeru!' TV program ('Towards a Barrier!') on the NTV channel during a discussion with Russia's Representative to NATO Dmitry Rogozin, UKRIINFORM reported from Moscow.

Though there are various opinions and heated debates in Ukraine regarding Ukraine's Alliance membership, these will be solely internal processes and external players should not influence them. "Kyiv is ready to discuss this theme with Moscow, adduce its arguments, but it will not take one or another decision under pressure either according to a wish of any external players," Hryshchenko noted.

Answering Rogozin's remark that the Ukrainian leadership allegedly ignores the opinion of its citizens in its Euro-Atlantic policy, Hryshchenko said that the Ukrainian elite has reached a consensus on the need to adopt a decision on NATO accession solely based on the returns of a nationwide referendum.

The Ukrainian diplomat noted that NATO's problematics should not be artificially turned into a key point of bilateral relations with using of which the Ukraine-Russia cooperation is torpedoed in many important areas. "Kyiv and Moscow have much to talk about in addition to the theme of Euro-Atlantic integration. Especially amid the global financial and economic downturn," the Ambassador stated.


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