Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko, in the course of her official visit to Tokyo during a working lunch with heads of leading Japanese corporations and chairmen of the Committee for Business Cooperation with Ukraine of Japanese Business Association Keidanren, declared Ukraine and Japan possess every chance for effective cooperation.
“I am convinced in synergy we are capable of building effective cooperation,” Yulia Tymoshenko emphasized, Government portal reported.

The Premier noted Ukraine has all the possibilities, firstly, over the period of 17-years of independence to maintain powerful modernization of the whole country, starting from energy, agriculture and also reform of the communal system.

The Head of Government stressed Ukraine is keen on cooperation with Japan as this country is characterized with huge investment resources and advanced intellectual technologies. According to her, in this direction certain significant steps have been made. In particular, priorities of such cooperation defined, joint Ukrainian-Japanese groups in certain directions of cooperation set up and base documents signed. The Prime Minister added such documents initiate elaboration of a complex strategy of modernization and provide a basis for Ukraine and Japan to devise a complex action plan.

Besides, Yulia Tymoshenko expressed hopes for further cooperation between Ukraine and Japan in the frames of Kyoto Protocol. She reminded March 18 saw signing of the Agreement between the National Agency for Ecological Investments of Ukraine and New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization of Japan on sale of a part of quotas for reduction carbon dioxide emissions into atmosphere. Yulia Tymoshenko noted the resources from sales of quotas will be directed to environmental projects. At the same time, she emphasized Ukraine possesses huge resources in this direction and urged all representatives of Japanese corporations to advance such cooperation.

The Premier imparted after landing in Japan she had visited Shinto Shrine Meidzi Dzingu and prayed for the countries to overcome the crisis as soon as possible and for the cooperation to be fruitful. huge resources in this direction and urged all representatives of Japanese corporations to advance such cooperation.ration set

In his turn the chairman of the Committee for Business Cooperation of Ukraine with Japanese Business Association Keidanren, the head of executive board of Sumitomo corporation Motoyuki Oka expressed hopes that today’s dialog between the Ukrainian inter-governmental delegation and heads of leading Japanese corporations will give a new impetus for deepening of cooperation between the states. According to him, trade turnover between Ukraine and Japan is growing, in particular the fact of Ukraine’s accedence into the World Trade Organization strengthened hopes to advance this process: “This is an important signal for all countries around the world”. He thanked to Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko for the interest in maintaining cooperation of Ukraine with Japanese corporations.


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